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My Story

So I decided I would only do what I loved. For at least a year. I gave myself a year off from responsibility.  I decided to quit my non-profit work and anything that was stressful and did not bring me joy. So I started working on my barn house, my gardens and in my workshop. I went back to going to flea markets and selling on Ebay. I made jewelry again. I read, laid in my hammock, traveled, got married, spent time with my nieces and nephews, my friends and just enjoyed life. And then I realized I could do this all the time, as long I sold some stuff. So here is my website


When you come to the store you will meet Tinker. He keeps me company and has taken residency here in the store. His history is align with the stores origin. Tinker’s story is kind of like the song “The Cat Came Back”. Tinker is a cat, a very large grey tiger with a face that looks like Ron Pearlman. He was my late landlord’s cat, whom was very much like a grandmother to me. Dotsie Hauser lived two doors down from the store and owned my building. If you want to see Tinkers full story please click read more. Also he has his own instagram #tinkerdwg.

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About Asparagus Sunshine

Asparagus Sunshine was opened in 2018 after careful renovation of the space. The wood we used to build the countertops and all the trim was salvaged from a barn that had been lost against a tree in the backyard on the property. The floors were brought back to their glory days but only enough to have that vintage feel of the age of the building. Custom frame work was done behind the counter to highlight the history of the town, the building and the people who made this possible.

Our about

How did I come up with the name?

This is the question I am asked daily and it is a sweet fun story. In 1978, My father, Rick Chamberlain-trombonist and goofball, wrote a series of songs called the Vegetable Suite. Part of the vegetable suite was Asparagus Sunshine, and Ode To a Brussel Sprout as some examples. Asparagus Sunshine stuck as the band’s name and the name they used for years to come. My mother designed a logo and they were off and running.

After my father passed and I was working on rebuilding my life, and building my business I was having trouble trying to decide on a name for my corporation. In clearing out the attic and getting the unbelievable amount of music off to the places it would be utilized and appreciated I came across the Asparagus Sunshine suitcase. I immediately knew the answer to my business name and my logo. My father’s memory and my mom’s artwork would forever be in my life.